Saturday, August 18, 2018


In kindergarten, we will be using the SeeSaw app to share what we are working on at school.  Each student will have an online portfolio that will document their learning over the kindergarten year.  I think you are going to LOVE it!

Click Here for more information about SeeSaw.

Class Mascot

Our Classroom Mascot is the Owl

What do we do in Kindergarten?

Here are some things we do almost every day in kindergarten:

  • Morning Meeting
  • Snack
  • Word Study/ Fundations/ Handwriting
  • Reading Workshop
  • Movement/ Recess
  • Writing Workshop
  • Lunch/ Recess
  • Quiet Time
  • Math
  • Snack/ Choice Time
  • Special (music, art, PE, library)
*Science and Social Studies will be incorporated into this schedule as well.  We will study: Families and Traditions, Classroom and School Community, Fire Safety, Light, Ocean Life, and Life Cycles.

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